One of my very favorite things about living in south TX is spring!! We have had a really long and wet winter (for SA anyway) after having a drought the past summer.  The wildflowers this year are EVERYWHERE.  I hear that April is going to be even better.  I had get out and shoot a bit of our favorite wildflower! :)
FYI: I just have to say it...It is NOT illegal to pick bluebonnets!  Urban legend people.  Check it here.

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Jenni said...

The flowers are SO beautiful! It's really the first time I have ever seen them...I guess the past few years haven't been so great! We are taking photos this weekend of them, and I can't wait!

Michaelson Family said...

These are awesome! I still thought it was illegal to pick them. I guess I still learn something every day. Your kids are so cute. Love the Spring outfits.
My fav (without the kids) is the fifth one. Love the depth.