Chris and Lisa

I had a BLAST shooting these two! My brother and his finance. Lisa is so much fun. I  just LOVE her (and him I guess ;) and are so excited for the wedding this July!! :) I just couldn't choose a few...but I promise I didn't even post half of what we got.
 I just realized I didn't watermark or size these for the web...oops!

c&l 10

c&l 4c&l 11

c&l 23c&l 13

c&l 15

c&l 31

c&l 41

c&l 44

c&l 59

c&l 57

c&l 53

c&l 55c&l 51

c&l 90

c&l 100

c&l 76c&l 84

c&l 74

c&l 68

c&l 93

c&l 108

c&l 113

c&l 122

c&l 120

c&l 130

c&l 134

c&l 137

c&l 140

c&l 158c&l 166

c&l 170c&l 169

c&l 183

c&l 188

c&l 195

c&l 210

c&l 206


Michaelson Family said...

Oh wow! These are awesome. Love all the bold colors! Can't wait to see pics from the wedding.

Lindsay said...

Krista, looking at these photos reminded me of our shoot with you (esp. the dam and the laying down pics). I know we haven't even seen you in awhile, but I keep thinking, "What are we going to do when we don't live close to the Adams' anymore? Who will we find take our pictures??" So maybe we'll have to schedule a shoot before we all move. Anyway, your pictures are beautiful. I love your style. I hand out your information all the time to anyone who is looking for a photographer.